About Us


The Global Positive Health Institute, Inc. (GPHI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the integration of positive psychology in health care settings.


To transform health care by making positive psychology an integral and standard part of care delivery

Unique Value

GPHI makes the science of positive psychology applicable to a full spectrum of medical and health practitioners and health care settings by:

  • Creating a network of champions and partners to advance the movement for optimizing health care with positive psychology for total wellbeing
  • Showcasing people and organizations who successfully apply positive psychology practices in health care settings
  • Making relevant positive psychology scientific studies readily available and summarizing and interpreting their potential impact on health for medical professionals and heath care settings
  • Providing health care training programs and practical tools to integrate positive psychology with healthy lifestyle strategies
  • Promoting initiatives that highlight positive psychology interventions as part of treatment and health maintenance plans


The health care community effectively and efficiently leverages best practices from the science of positive psychology, along with healthy lifestyles, that promote total well-being and flourishing.

In combination with environmental supports, these practices, lead to the population enjoying increased longevity with high quality of life, excellent physical, mental and emotional health, and flourishing in all life stages and in the face of adversity.


Board of Directors

Liana Lianov


Joe Raphael


Catherine Kahle


Scott Kashman


Simon Matthews


Advisory Council

Anjana Aggarwal


Luis Allen

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Kaylan Baban

Chief Wellness Officer

Carrie Barron

Associate Professor of Medical Education, Psychiatrist

Alicja Baska

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Marc Braman

Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Healthcare Innovator

Cate Collings

Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Cardiologist

Rhonda Cornum

Brigadier General, Retired

Altanchimeg Delegochoimbol

Lifestyle Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

Cristian Dellepiane

Primary Care and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Ingrid Edshteyn

Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Shagufta Feroz

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Catalina Figueroa

Internist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Kelly Freeman

Faculty, Science of Nursing Care

Maggie Grueskin

Lifestyle Educator and Coach

Sley Tanigawa Guimaraes

Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Sean Hashmi

Nephrologist and Obesity Medicine Specialist

Emanuela Mercore Hutanu

Family and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Gail H. Ironson


San Katyal


Jenny Sunghyun Lee

Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine; Founder and Director Korean College of Lifestyle Medicine

Darlene Marshall

Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach

Jessica Matthews

Assistant Professor and Program Director, Health Sciences

Megan McDonough

CEO/Founder of Wholebeing Institute

Gia Merlo

Psychiatrist, Clinical Professor, and Senior Advisor on Wellness

Joel Milam

Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Public Health

Suzen Moeller

Nutritional Epidemiologist

Ifeoma Monye

Chief Consultant Family Physician/Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Darren Morton

Associate Professor and Director, Lifestyle Medicine

Sheela Nambiar

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Ike Nnene

General Practitioner/Family Physician

Kathi Norman

Physician Assistant

Elaine O’Brien

Human Movement Psychology

Jane Oh

Hospice Physician

Robin Ortiz

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine

Mechelle Palma

Family and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Parneet Pal

Chief Science Officer

Dani Pere

Bureau Chief, Behavioral Health

Eddie Phillips

Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Erin Phillips

Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy

Rani Polak

Chef and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Sivaneswaran Poobalasingam

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Padmini Ranasinghe

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Giulia Regoli

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Mark Rowe

Family Physician

Jasdeep Saluja

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Samandika Saparamadu

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Seema Sarin

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Svala Sigurödóttir

Physician and Therapeutic Area Manager

Jen Bentrup Taylor

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Michelle Tollefson

Obstetrics and Gynecology, Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Cheryl True

Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Jill Waalen

Senior Scientist

Wil Wong


Colin Zhu

Family Medicine Physician, Chef, Health Coach